The Science Behind Recovery Systems

Over the years we have acquired extensive experience and success in delivering cutting-edge, world-class intermittent compression therapy systems for the medical and athletics markets. We have numerous satisfied customers from many backgrounds, including Olympic Gold medalists, world champions, many high performance teams and weekend warriors from all sports.

The experiences and lessons learned from both the medical and athletics worlds has served as a great starting point into our Equine Super Boots – E Series which has now launched after more than a year of continuous innovation and refinement by testing in stables to bring a huge step forward in offering a new recovery modality for horse trainers and their steeds.

eqine compression super boots
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Super Boots – E Series employs the use of Intermittent Pneumatic Compression technology to increase blood flow, speed up the elimination of post workout swelling and bring on faster recovery and gains from training. It also improves joint awareness, running economy, enhanced removal of waste products and more importantly a reduction soreness, translating to faster healing and faster recovery. The treatment also speeds up warmup as well as injury rehabilitation and is also very useful for keeping the horse relaxed during transportation ensuring they arrive ready to go.

The Science Behind Recovery Systems

It works by improving blood flow and recovery after a workout via a series of peristaltic motions — a series of separate chambers which inflate at individual points instead of the entire limb, where one chamber inflates after the other.

Its purpose is to enhance venous and arterial blood flow around the leg to speed up the repair process of the muscles by squeezing out metabolic waste and increasing the level of oxygen in the muscles. The magic not only happens on the squeeze phase but also on the release phase where it speeds up the delivery of fresh nutrients to accelerate healing.